Play The Pain

A Citizen's Laboratory for researching non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain.

We all have experienced pain, but our experiences are unique. We have unique ways of coping with pain too. Sometimes, medications or physical therapies don’t work. Sometimes meditation or cognitive therapies do work. Some of us might play. Some of us might pray.

We want our unique ways of coping to be considered in research and care. This will guarantee that our healthcare systems will be inclusive and respectful of our specific needs. To become partners in research will help scientists design more targeted systems for personalized care or cure.

Presents different types of complementary activities that can alleviate chronic pain.

When we play the pain, we explore different activities that help us take control.

Playing is an important part of life because it helps us learn and explore life in our own way. Our digital platform offers three forms of play: A chatbot that helps us reflect on the bright side of things; A play centre with suggestions about simple activities (music, exercise, meditation, playing) that may help alleviate pain; And a gallery that we can create to share our own text or media creations with fellow app users, or research partners.

In all this, we inform the data about what matters to us.

Learns from personalized playful strategies to cope with chronic pain.

We strive to find a definitive cure for pain, but we know that pain is not just a molecular condition, it is also a mental experience.

Therefore, we designed an app to Play, Share, Talk and Track pain by capturing emotional, cultural and environmental factors that influence our coping strategies.

Self-tracking can benefit us personally, but if we choose to share data, we can help researchers plan better for personalized medicine.

Data always advances science and the healthcare policy. With our participation, we make sure that our personal needs and approaches are informing the data. 


Become a Research Partner

This app is free of charge for users. If you are a physician and researcher who wishes to use this platform for communicating with your patients, please contact us by